We want to thank you for your active contribution to the Pitu conference in September.

Below is a short status on the ongoing activities: 

  • The Databroker will be connected to Pitu for testing during October 2018. The goal is that we will officially be able to offer access to the Databroker through Pitu within December 2018. 
  • We are working on establishment of legislations and agreements
  • We are working on a handover from pilot phase to a permanent solution
  • Next steps (among others):
    • Contract agreement with vendor of the technical solution behind Pitu
    • Establish local support on Pitu
    • Training

For questions concerning Pitu, please send an email to:


What is Pitu?

A common public platform for data exchange

Naalakkersuisut wants to establish a joint and secure exchange platform for the country’s digital data that will make it possible to exchanged data nationally and internationally. The project is called Pitu.

Pitu provides access to unique and always-accessible data in accordance to the geodata strategy. This includes data such as: 


  • Geodata and NunaGis
  • Basic data
  • Hunting and fishing data
  • Health data
  • Insurance data
  • Data from banks
  • Statistical key figures


Sensitive information will be exchanged securely between consumers and providers of data, with- out the risk of unauthorized persons viewing or influencing data.           


What does the denotation Pitu mean ?

Pitu is the Greenlandic word for the front strap on a dog sled. The front strap creates the link between the dog sled and the dogs. A simple, but absolutely crucial, device that ensures that the dogs’ leads are assembled and secured, so that the musher can steer them in the right direction. Naalakkersuisut uses this metaphor and term for the new Greenlandic platform for data exchange.